Stom-Academy is a service for dentists’ training that conduct webinars, seminars, practical courses and congresses.

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Stom Academy

Stom-Academy is a platform which gives access to all previous and upcoming online courses. This page includes a list of all available webinars and those to be held in the nearest future. We invite you to participate.

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Stom-Academy is a service for dentists’ training that conduct webinars, seminars, practical courses and congresses. Our mission is to provide any dentist with the necessary knowledge, transferring experience from the best specialists in each of the directions. No restrictions on experience and specialty. A huge choice of lecturers and topics. Our webinars will be interesting to orthopedists, surgeons, orthodontists, therapists and young professionalists. During the webinars the most respected lecturers are trying to explain everything in the simplest way possible and fully highlight the latest innovations in diagnosis, effective preventive techniques, productive treatment of teeth and jaw anomalies, as well as to share their experience in treatment of the complicated and rare cases. Online-training, practical courses, seminars or congresses - the choice is yours.

Dental webinars were made to meet dentists’ expectations. Bearing in mind the fact that you're looking for a clear solution, we made a product that will save your time. Each webinar is a full course on the exact topic. You’ll recieve the necessary knowledge and templates, recommendations and instructions depending on what you need.

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Our team works 24 hours a day to support you at any time. You may contact any manager from our company, ask a question and be confident in efficiency.

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We do not restrict you choice of lecturers and topics. You may order any topic, any lecturer, any format.


We guarantee that the quality of the material will match the price. Our service will deal with all the technical issues and you will just gain knowledge.

Lecturers about us

Our goal is to become your friends. Have a pleasant learning process and we’ll take care of the rest.

Rui Falacho

Президент Португальского общества цифровой стоматологической медицины

Walter Devoto

Основатель Итальянской Академии эстетической стоматологии и всемирно известного клуба реставраторов StyleItaliano

Claudio Farnararo

Основатель учебного центра «Dental Art» во Флоренции

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